Hi! I am Joanna and I am your new Remote Virtual Assistant.

I am a real person, an interior designer and the founder of  Createifmind where my support team and I provide reliable, white-label project development services to the trade. I work with interior designers, architects, builders, real estate agents, property developers and product manufacturers all over the United States. Createifmind’s fixed location is in Westchester County, NY but I love to travel so you will often find me working from around the world. I take on your background activities so you can focus on what you love or simply have more time to do what you have to do. I work on an as-needed basis. I promise to significantly reduce your overhead and project related costs. My design and construction experience differentiates me from other virtual assistants who have never designed or  have never been to a job site. I am an expert in what we do  and I am really good at it. Need something yesterday? I have the quickest turnaround times and I always meet your deadlines!

Get started by calling me at: 516-596-7609